Install clamav on ubuntu20.04 LTS

sudo apt update

key:(your own key)

sudo apt-get install clamav


sudo apt-get install clamav-daemon


sudo freshclam                       #may be it will show an error but it's fine we can let it be there.

clamscan -r /home                                                              

r is a recursive scan so it will every single file and folder that it’s looking at in real time so that you can actually see that in the terminal window. If you don’t really want to see all that output, there’s just no need for it. So we want to see if there are any infected files.

clamscan -ri /home

So what we will add to the tech will go tech r and an I for infected. If I do the scan now it will show me if there are any infected files.

clamscan -ri --remove /home

what we can also do is that we can add remove. It will destroy any file that it finds that it think it’s a virus.

Better option: Put it into a folder

mkdir VIRUS


clamscan -r --move=(folder address)

Install clamtk

sudo apt install clamtk


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