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Details about the parameters of Client.search_all_tweets:

query – the keyword to search for

end_time and start_time – end time and start time, it is required to follow the RFC 3339 time format

expansions, media_fields, place_fields, poll_fields, tweet_fields, user_fields – these are additional information for tweets, which can be selected as needed.

since_id, until_id – the minimum and maximum tweet id, if these two parameters are written, the search will be performed within the range of these two tweet ids.

max_results——The maximum number of results returned by a single request, if not written, the default is 10, and the maximum return is 100.

limit – the number of iterations, here is two iterations, because if the speed is fast, there will be a 429 error, so the manual speed limit is set, and the interval between two requests is 5 seconds.

Tweepy Pagination{}:

note: It’s very useful and convenient

Example code:

import tweepy

client = tweepy.Client("Bearer Token here")

for response in tweepy.Paginator(client.get_users_followers, 2244994945,
                                    max_results=1000, limit=5):

for tweet in tweepy.Paginator(client.search_recent_tweets, "Tweepy",

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